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Silicone side effect-contractured nose-

페이지 정보


Date.2002-03-04 00:00:00




This patient had the surgery 2 weeks ago. This patient planned to go back to the states if there were no inflammations. And there was no inflammations.^^You can see that it is still swollen but the nasal roof has been extended (see arrow)I have also augmented the nose a little more. Used 100% self cartilage so there's no need to worry about getting a silicone side effect.

Silicone and medifore was found at the tip of the contractured nose.
1.Rib cartilage
2.Rib cartilage used for the nasal ridge This person preferred to augment the nose rather than extending it.
3.Insertion of a larger silicone to extend the contractured nose and to recover the nasal tip should never happen. 
4.I can see two medifores at the end of the nasal tip.
5.Nose augmentation using rib cartilage.
6.Nasal tip surgery using rib cartilage.
7. The three on the left are the silicone and medifore and the three on the right is the transplants made by using rib cartilage.
8.Surgery only using the rib cartilage

This person is from abroad and had asked to have the surgery as soon as possible. This person will have the surgery on February 2nd 2002.

This patient had already undergone two surgeries in the states and had another surgery at 00clinic to correct the contractured nose. And then had another surgery go remove the silicone.

The nose looks stiff and shortened.

This is an example of rib cartilage surgery.


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