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    There is skin dimpling due to post operative infection. Special surgery is required for this patient.
    No.118 I 2010-01-15 I 242 I
    Tip dimpling after rhinoplasty using silicone. This kind of tip is a little more difficult to correct.
    No.117 I 2009-10-31 I 235 I
    Filler injection is convenient but can cause fetal problem. You should avoid filler injection especially on the tip.
    No.116 I 2009-09-12 I 227 I
    In many case it is a little bit difficult to correct the nasal tip and remove perfectly.
    No.115 I 2009-08-08 I 212 I
    Severe contraction after rhinoplasty with congenital septal disease. Post operative picture will be registered.
    No.114 I 2009-06-10 I 189 I
    This photo is a case of the contracted nose.This patient received an operation using costal cartilage.
    No.113 I 2008-10-11 I 156 I
    This photo shows 20 years passed nasal status after paraffin injection. The patient has suffered from sudden swelling and skin pro..
    No.112 I 2008-09-04 I 160 I
    Serious complications sometimes happened after filler injection. This patient was allowed to inject filler material on nasal tip...
    No.111 I 2008-08-28 I 154 I
    This is a case of the postoperative contracted nose. Correction of the contracted nose is one of the most difficult surgery.
    No.110 I 2008-06-19 I 144 I
    If a too long silicone were used in lengthening nose, problems like this photo might happen. It is the best to use autologous tiss..
    No.109 I 2008-05-24 I 149 I
    This is a case of contracture with dimpling of nasal tip
    No.108 I 2008-03-24 I 107 I
    Infection had happened first, and then contraction happened.
    No.107 I 2008-03-18 I 108 I
    This is a example of contracted nose.
    No.106 I 2008-03-18 I 116 I
    This is a example of contracted nose. This patient received operation at 1 January, 2008. I will present the result soon.
    No.105 I 2008-01-22 I 115 I
    The arrow indicates the inflammation after rhinoplasty using silicone. The inflammation may come as various way and the granulatio..
    No.104 I 2007-11-20 I 123 I
    This picture shows the inflammation after rhinoplasty. The red colored lesion is granulation tissue. The best choice of treatment ..
    No.103 I 2007-10-27 I 126 I
    This is the case of contracted nose because of repetitive operation over short period.
    No.102 I 2007-09-29 I 106 I
    We can see the silicone implant on the tip of the nose. We should manage it as early as we can in order to prevent the silicone im..
    No.101 I 2007-08-23 I 129 I
    There are several cases to damage to the skin in part from contraction. We can do operation to make it better but It's very very ..
    No.100 I 2007-08-19 I 124 I
    This picture shows the case of contracted nose due to silicones implants and infection.
    No.99 I 2007-06-16 I 104 I
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