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    This is a picture of impending implant extrusion. For tip surgery, It is better to use autologous cartilage.
    No.98 I 2007-06-05 I 134 I
    This is a case of contracted nose, that has scar at columella.
    No.97 I 2007-05-04 I 114 I
    If there was scar at nose tip, it is diffixult to manage. But it can be corrected by many methods.
    No.96 I 2007-04-13 I 142 I
    After operation, there can be skin dimpling due to contracture or inflamation In case of skin problem being developed,clear correc..
    No.95 I 2007-03-13 I 107 I
    Paraffin,liquid silicone or Filler materials used for rhinoplasty nowadays cause some adverse effects. This is a example of deform..
    No.94 I 2007-01-27 I 116 I
    Our clininic is last clinic for those who reconstruction is impossible or who have injured nose. If you have any relatives or frie..
    No.93 I 2006-12-23 I 104 I
    It's a case of contracted nose correction.
    No.92 I 2006-08-10 I 109 I
    A contraction that occurred after several times operations one after another. It's susceptible causing silicone infection with ..
    No.91 I 2006-07-14 I 101 I
    It's a case after a silicone infection, which got contracted later on. The contracted area was dug after the removal of the silico..
    No.90 I 2006-05-19 I 93 I
    It's a disaster that happened after injecting some material at the nasal tip.
    No.89 I 2006-05-19 I 119 I
    It's a case of silicone contraction.
    No.88 I 2006-04-12 I 103 I
    The nose was excessively lengthened using medpore. The skin could not resist which lead to necrosis. It's hard to completely recov..
    No.87 I 2006-02-27 I 100 I
    question Title : Filling of water after insertion of silicone question Content This person had suffered from filling water after..
    No.86 I 2006-01-22 I 122 I
    question Title : Clear line of silicone question Content The mark(line)of silicone will turn more clear as the time goes by. All..
    No.85 I 2006-01-22 I 126 I
    question Title : Widened nasal tip after insertionof silicone question Content The picture below was the person chosen for the f..
    No.84 I 2006-01-22 I 109 I
    question Title : Bulbous nose due to silicone question Content After insertion of silicone you will soon feel the widening of th..
    No.83 I 2006-01-22 I 114 I
    question Title : Silicone extrication question Content This is when silicone protruded out from the skin., Please help doctor.....
    No.82 I 2006-01-22 I 112 I
    question Title : Another example of change in skin color question Content question Title : Changes in skin color question Cont..
    No.81 I 2006-01-22 I 105 I
    question Title : Changes in skin color question Content The majority changes in color is white or red. It is most severe when in..
    No.80 I 2006-01-22 I 122 I
    question Title : Inflammation caused by insertion of silicone question Content question Title : Inflammation caused by inserti..
    No.79 I 2006-01-22 I 106 I
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