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    question Title : Inflammation caused by insertion of silicone question Content If you just leave this as it is then the silicone..
    No.78 I 2006-01-22 I 105 I
    This is the patient who had undergone an urgent surgery after undergoing two times of plastic surgery The nasal tip has been conto..
    No.77 I 2006-01-22 I 105 I
    It's an early stage of contraction.
    No.76 I 2005-12-09 I 130 I
    Recently nose job using injections is increasing gradually. This patient came from Japan and one side of the alar base completely ..
    No.75 I 2005-12-04 I 117 I
    It's a case of partial contraction after silicone operation. 실리콘 수술 후에 발생한 부분적인 구축 예입니다.
    No.74 I 2005-11-08 I 110 I
    There are many types of contracted nose. The nose gets shorter and the implant may appear visible overall. In many cases the nostr..
    No.73 I 2005-10-08 I 107 I
    It's a case of a silicone that came out through the skin and is contracted. If there is swelling in the infection pus tenderness o..
    No.72 I 2005-09-21 I 110 I
    It's possible with gore-tex as well but in case of infection after an operation using silicone a problem like the picture(arrow)ma..
    No.71 I 2005-09-10 I 108 I
    It's a contraction after an operation using silicone.
    No.70 I 2005-08-06 I 124 I
    It's a contraction after an operation using silicone.
    No.69 I 2005-05-03 I 105 I
    The nasal tip's color changed and the skin was carved after an infection due to a surgery using silicone.
    No.68 I 2005-04-04 I 110 I
    Too much pressure was added to the skin which created partial necrosis of skin.
    No.67 I 2005-03-19 I 115 I
    Paraffin injection was popular in the past but it has not been carried out recently. Gradually paraffin leads to various changes s..
    No.66 I 2005-02-28 I 103 I
    Silicone was used for the bridge and gore-tex for the tip.
    No.65 I 2005-01-19 I 123 I
    The silicone and cartilage was inserted too much towards the skin making it look as if it's going to come out through it. In this ..
    No.64 I 2004-12-11 I 118 I
    A contraction that occurred after about 10 operations one after another.
    No.63 I 2004-12-03 I 110 I
    It's a case of blocked nostrils after an operation. I don't know what happened after the surgery he previously had but I will post..
    No.62 I 2004-11-26 I 102 I
    In case of nasal tip infection prompt treatement is necessary.Or else there might be contraction. You can see pus at the tip.
    No.61 I 2004-10-07 I 116 I
    It's a deformation due to the infection of the tip. If there is infection prompt treatment is necessary. 코끝의 염증 후에 발생한 코끝의 변형입니다...
    No.60 I 2004-10-02 I 108 I
    It's been 4 years since the surgery using silicone. There is an absecess(arrow) by the right side of the glabella.
    No.59 I 2004-07-28 I 128 I
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