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    This is contraction caused due to several times of surgery with silicone. I can't really raise my voice to stop the use of silicon..
    No.38 I 2001-12-23 I 108 I
    This is the case where the silicone was crookedly inserted
    No.37 I 2001-11-27 I 108 I
    After insertion of silicone all the way into the nasal tip the tip started to droop and caused inflammation. The tip turned red an..
    No.36 I 2001-11-19 I 102 I
    The most common side effect caused is the silicone look you get later on. You will obviously be able to tell the look of silicone.
    No.35 I 2001-10-30 I 109 I
    The mark(line)of silicone will turn more clear as the time goes by. All three had undergone revised surgery because they didn't li..
    No.34 I 2001-10-24 I 112 I
    You will not be able to tell at first that you have gotten a contractured nose. And all of a sudden you will start to feel that yo..
    No.33 I 2001-10-24 I 105 I
    Contracture of nose is one of the most severe side effect and a revised surgery is also considerably difficult because of the hard..
    No.32 I 2001-10-24 I 105 I
    It has been about 4 to 5 years since the surgery. The skin of this patient looked as if she got a burnt. 골이 패이는 것을 connected all ..
    No.31 I 2001-09-14 I 101 I
    You will be able to see the clear angle due to silicone and that the area around silicone is a bit paved in.
    No.30 I 2001-08-29 I 118 I
    I can feel the heart shaped silicone on the tip of the nose. It is not accompanied by any inflammation but silicone is able to be ..
    No.29 I 2001-08-29 I 107 I
    is the picture taken right before the silicone was about to protrude out of the skin. This was caused due to silicone that support..
    No.28 I 2001-08-27 I 111 I
    코끝이 퍼지는 것과 마찬가지로 실리콘이 지지구조가 약한 아래코연골위에 있다가 아래코 연골사이로 파고 듦에 따라서 점차로 코끝이 처지게 됩니다(코 해부학 참조). The insertion of silicone only up to th..
    No.27 I 2001-08-03 I 104 I
    Here is an another example of a flattened nasal tip.
    No.26 I 2001-08-02 I 118 I
    The picture below was the person chosen for the free surgery on June. This person underwent revised surgery of the widened nasal t..
    No.25 I 2001-08-02 I 102 I
    After insertion of silicone you will soon feel the widening of the nasal tip. This happens because of the lower lateral cartilag..
    No.24 I 2001-08-02 I 112 I
    Those people who had the surgery with silicone will end up having their skin cling to the silicone and makes the silicone noticeab..
    No.23 I 2001-08-02 I 102 I
    This kind of surgery is not a normal surgery. It needs a revision of nose.
    No.22 I 2001-07-30 I 122 I
    Contractured nose after insertion of silicone
    No.21 I 2001-07-30 I 111 I
    Contractured nose after insertion of silicone
    No.20 I 2001-07-30 I 108 I
    Another example of contractured nose due to silicone.
    No.19 I 2001-07-30 I 109 I
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