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reconstructon nose

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Date.2013-12-07 13:26:22




I usually use Goretex for natural look.

A little hight, and longer nose is beatufiul to you.
The cost is 5800 US dollars.

If your nose is contracted, costal cartilage is best material.
You need a fat grafting. The cost is 2000 US dollars.

My clinic has Korean-English and Korean-Chineese interpreter everyday.
Visiting Jan 5, getting surgery Jan 6 is available.

See you soon. Thank you.

> hi.., i'm interesting to reconstruction my nose because i don't like the shape (silicon implant). and i think my nose still look short, and i like to make it higher than before. before my nose surgery i have a short nose with a flat on my nasal bridge and a big bullbose on the tip. so what do you suggest for my nose surgery? and how much for it? and what material do you use for the implant? do you have hi soft silicon for implant? if yes how much? and  i think my mid-face looks more depressed because of the low bridge and protruding lips if u see from side. so can i get a fat grafting to my cheeks and also my forehead? what do you think for that? and how much it cost for fat grafting? do you have indonesian consultan in your clinic? i'm planning go to korea on jan do you available on jan 6? if yes can i do the surgery on the same date as well?
> Thank u
> Heny cj


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