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A Wonderful Experience

페이지 정보


Date.2011-08-18 12:08:32




An artists hand A huge heart The ability to laugh A
kind smile A quick and understanding mind A family man A
beautiful staff... The list goes on. My name is Christina
and I was afraid to come to Korea to see Dr. Jung for many
reasons. It all happened so fast and once I got to Korea I
was uncertain if I even wanted to get a nose job anymore.
As with many people I was afraid of what the change would
bring. Maybe my nose would look fake my eyes too close
too plastic too sharp the bridge too high pinched or
this and that. I was worried about so much and I was right
to. The nose is such an important feature of your face and
I didnt want a "botched" job or something that would make
me look different in a negative aspect. I wanted an
improvement. It is no wonder that people are sometimes
afraid to go through with plastic surgery because even in
simple everyday life people can let you down. Whether it
is a hair cut (how many times girls do you think the
stylist understands what you want only to find out that you
both had two different understandings of what "layers"
are?) Dr. Jung will not let you down. He knows the human
face and understands what you want very well. If you want a
change that is natural or one that is large Dr. Jung
really knows the difference. Its been one month since my
surgery and I am very happy with my new nose and also my
Korean experience. Dr. Jung I am not sure if you remember
me since you see so many patients a day but I just wanted
to let you know that I am back in America and I wanted to
say thank you for being such a great doctor.



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