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Many thanks Shimmian

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Date.2012-02-12 11:11:28




A month ago, I went to Korea for nose surgery. the trip last for 2 weeks and completely satisfy me. after searching information about the hospital, as well as my Korea friend's advice, Shimmian & dr.Jung are my last choice. I contact with Shim from Viet nam & immediately the hospital's interpreter reply me, answer all questions in details & enthusiasticly. soon after completing the procedure, I take the flight. at Inchoen airport, a hospital staff welcome me & a taxi already waits outside. it's take over 30minutes from the airport to Seoul, where Shim is located. the translator great me at the Shim's entrance & I dont have to spend much time to talk with the manager & consultant. there is also temporary leaving room for patient who still tired when early coming. next, dr Jung directly advise me carefully the last time. Before staring operation, i had injected the medicine & unconciously. 2hours pass, I wake up with a new nose, wholly out of my expectation: the nose is higher& longer as well, my face also looks smaller & absolutely naturally. During the time in hospital, dr & nurse check up my nose regularly. good attitude & professional serving make me totally trust & feel present as home. the hospital is very clean & sufficient of modern equipment. in terms of my leaving room, it is so nice & full of furniture. to be honest, what a valuable trip it is. deep down inside my heart, I sent great thanks to dr Jung & all staff of Shim, who help me gain my goal. wish people healthy & Shim fame!!


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