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Date.2013-07-18 17:22:41




Hi My name is Neko. Writing this review is been planing ever since i left the operation room. I have to tell you all that It is my first time of doing nose job and I have had no pain at all. All assistants are super nice and pretty especially my assistant, Hala Lee. Dr.Jung is a nice guy and as his notable of professional looks. During the consultation I had been worried about the operated technique,but he said that He only wanted to know what I wanted my nose to look like,so he would apply the best way for the operation. I have to tell you one thing, that my nose looks just alike the picture I have showed him. I can be both pro and con for having a prototype image. I think if I didn't show him the picture He might be more creative but I love my new one too. It still looks natural and suitable with my face. I only use septal cartilage and gortex. He did kept the most of my soft tissue and skin. What i do love about this clinic is after care. There was one treatment before you take a stitch off to clean your nose and change the splint. They taught me how to massage my nose and wear aqua splint during the nigh. Even I have lost the aqua splint and they are so kind to me and sent me a new one. To be honest, they even told me that they would give me a free Botox if I write a review but I am going to write it anyway. I saw a lot of people go through the second surgery. I think as far as my experience and result I would say, If you already decided to go to korea at least you should visit this clinic so you can tell by your self what suitable your reality and satisfaction. Best wish,Neko


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