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Very happy with my new nose performed by Dr. Jung in Nov. 26th, 2013.

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Date.2013-12-27 16:59:12




I wanted to write this exciting review around 3 wks ago, but due to the Holidays I was  too busy to get this done.

I found out about Shimmian Clinic and Dr. Jung in Oct. from some forum saying that  Dr. Jung is the guru for nose.  I got curious and contacted Shimmian clinic via email fora consultation.  To my surprise, I got a reply a few days later from the director, Jay Lee.He writes and speaks perfect English and answered everything I needed to know about  rhinoplasty.  After about 10 emails back and forth, my mother and I both booked our    tickets to Gangnam, Seoul and got our noses done on Nov. 26th.

My mother had a nose revision done due to silicone contraction, and my nose was the  first time done.  The difficult decision I had to make was that I was born with a cute    nose, small and just the right height.  The only thing I didn't like was the flaring nostrils and I also wanted a bigger nasal tip.  I never thought of having rhinoplasty because my original nose was nice  already...well, according to all my friends, family and some      strangers I met throughout my life.  But because of the Dr. Jung great reviews and      extensive experiences, gave me the confident to go ahead and have my dream nose.

Both my mother and I were very nervous once we got to the clinic the next day for our 1st face to face consultation with Dr. Jung, but the staff and Jay Lee made us feel very welcome, relax and less nervous.  Everyone was in uniform and very pretty (all female). We got assigned to Sophie, who speaks fluent English to take care of us.  Sophie is oneof the sweetest person we met there.

We stayed at the Healing Camp and George was there to greet us the first night we arrived.  George is from the U.S and is working in Korea at the moment.  He showed us      around the next day and was very professional and very nice.  I have to warn everyone  that winter in Seoul, Korea is wicked.  We came from California and we weren't used to the cold weather, therefore we suffered a little bit.  By the 4th day, we got used to the weather.

My mother and I were well taken care of right after the surgery.  To my surprise, my    nose came out looking almost like the picture of my favorite Korean actress, of course  she has more beautiful eyes and lips than me. 

We stayed in Gangnam for 9 days and now the swelling is almost completely gone.  I    still have a little bruises under my eyes.  My mother is satisfied with her new nose and    I am very happy with mine.  My best friend thought I look more prettier than before    and she's in love with my new nose.  She's deciding to save some money to go            sometimes next year to see Dr. Jung.  I'm still trying to adjust to my new nose.  I look  like a different person now, but a lot of people couldn't tell what I had done.  They justcommented that I look different and younger...still I don't know what it is.

I'm happy that my nose turned out more beautiful and natural looking.  That's the goal I think most people are seeking for.  Dr. Jung is a true artist and a wonderfully skilled    physician.  The money I spent was well worth it.  I highly recommend Dr. Jung to        anyone who's considering rhinoplasty.

I can't thank enough to Director, Jay Lee, who had guided me and my mother through  this whole experience.  Jay Lee gave us the reassurance we need in order to go forward with the surgery.  Many thanks to the staff at Shimmian, that's including the other      Doctors and nurses (it's a very big staff), the front desk beautiful ladies...everyone who made the surgery goes smoothly.  Special thanks to Dr. Jung for understanding exactly what his patient wants and made his/her dream nose come true.


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