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Matters that Require to Attention

페이지 정보


Date.2015-01-05 16:44:47




1. Two weeks after surgery, do not remove your nose.

2. 1 – 2 days after surgery may be have some bleeding

3. 5 – 7 days after surgery, removal stitch will be done,

One day after removal, you will be allowed to wash your face and apply some light make up.

(The spot which had stitched before is not allow to applied by bb cream or washed by scrub).

4. Apply ice pack for 3 days after surgery.

Applying ice pack will help to reduce the bruising and swelling.

5. Please avoid the food that suppose to chew long time such as (squid, gum, rib) and there are not other prohibition food.

6. After surgery, drinking and smoking can directly cause of the inflammation.

 About 1 month after surgery, please quit smoking and drinking.

7. Please do not do heavy exercise around 2 weeks after surgery and do rest more.

Doesn’t matter to do daily routines, and light work.

8. Be careful about one months after surgery to prevent exposure to ultraviolet

(If the bruise is likely to be colored so, be sure to put attention to sun protection)

9. When you go out, please use sunscreen and hats

10. Refrain from wearing glasses or sunglasses until about two months after surgery.

11. Apply ointments (Apply only a small amount - see previous page)

Apply the yellow ointments before the removal stitch and white ointments after the removal stitch


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