rhinoplastic workshop-Viet Nam

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작성일.2011-08-31 14:17:27




Dear Dr Jung,

With your assistance, our recent conference has reaped a success that has never made before.
All of us were very happy. Your work has made a stamp on the development of modern Asian rhinoplasty of Viet Nam. We need more rhinoplasty workshops in the future and your help is indispensable. We hope that you and your staff can come back to Viet Nam.

Your patient is going very well. The result is perfect even it was a difficult case. I attach here her photo pre and post-op.

Thank you for the kind invitation about the International Rhinoplastic workshop in November, Seoul. I will be there. I will ask my colleagues go with me.

Thanks again for your invitation,
See you in Seoul.

Best regards,

 Dr Le Hanh


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