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    Her nose was short, crooked. And her nostrils also being seen easily.We performed a correction operation for her.1 year after..
    No.2090 I 2018-10-16 I 2 I 0
    This is a case of the operation of cleft lip repair.3 years and 9 months after the operation.Using with rib cartilage. 
    No.2089 I 2018-10-16 I 3 I 0
    This is the case of enlarging the small nose.She had a small nose in her face.Using goretex in her nose bridge, 1 month after..
    No.2088 I 2018-10-11 I 4 I 0
    Revision surgery for the contracted nose,with using rib-cartilage,2 years after the surgery.  
    No.2087 I 2018-10-11 I 3 I 0
    This is the case of revision surgery for the contracted nose.with using rib-cartilage,1 year and 2 months after the surgery. ..
    No.2086 I 2018-10-11 I 4 I 0
    This is the case of revision surgery for the contracted noseWith using rib cartilage, 3 weeks after the 2nd operation. &..
    No.2085 I 2018-10-04 I 5 I 0
    This is the case of correction surgery.She has big nostrils which can be seen easily, after her rhinoplasty.We corrected her nostr..
    No.2084 I 2018-09-27 I 8 I 0
    Side-effect after the filer injection​  This is the case of letting down nostrils because her skin was uneven and h..
    No.2083 I 2018-09-27 I 10 I 0
    Correcting a contracted nose,using rib cartilage,after 1 year and 8 months.
    No.2082 I 2018-09-18 I 15 I 0
    Correction of hooked and narrow tip nose.A month after the surgery.
    No.2081 I 2018-09-13 I 11 I 0
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