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    The short nose make you looks more younger,but when it comes way too short your nostril will be apparent and its doesnt looks good..
    No.385 I 2015-07-13 I 706 I
    Built nose are accompanied by the asymmetry of the nostrils,In this case, the skin incision is often requiredAfter attempting to w..
    No.384 I 2015-07-13 I 514 I
    Surgery with a rib cartilage1 year 6 months has elapsed.Depression severe and caused lack of texture This is difficult to cal..
    No.383 I 2015-06-01 I 500 I
    No.382 I 2015-01-26 I 549 I
    No.381 I 2015-01-26 I 381 I
    Costochondral was used and at the same time the silicon have been removed. Costochondral immediately available in case o..
    No.380 I 2015-01-26 I 393 I
    As you can see in the picture correction of tip dimpled nose is not a easy case. the skin looks great but at the top of the skin c..
    No.379 I 2014-10-18 I 322 I
    There are many reason about asymmetry of nose.The specially one it was because like this photos after surgery then made ..
    No.378 I 2012-08-13 I 970 I
    Correction of hump nose is quite effective surgery. Hump nose makes strong impression. When we correct the hump nose, it needs hum..
    No.377 I 2012-07-13 I 743 I
    If you find the necrosis after filler injection, you need the management in a hurry. If there is necrosis, you feel pain, heating ..
    No.376 I 2012-06-27 I 814 I
    There are many kinds of reasons of nasal deviation, like congenital, trauma or postoperative side effects. This picture shows the ..
    No.375 I 2012-06-21 I 773 I
    Cleft nose required a lot of experience and repeated surgery is more difficult to correct.Photo is an example of  case w..
    No.374 I 2012-02-29 I 583 I
    Severe injury of septum may result in saddle nose.In this case,we should first reconstruct septum using rib cartila..
    No.373 I 2012-02-04 I 564 I
     In case of correction of contracted nose about six months or one year after fisrt surgery, reoperation is usually required f..
    No.372 I 2011-12-30 I 580 I
     In hump nose radix and tip is lowwer than middle part.While correcting this one if we remove too much leads to depresse..
    No.371 I 2011-10-10 I 604 I
    There are several reasons for contraction. It may be a combination of repeat surgery, immune response of implant and infectio..
    No.370 I 2011-09-08 I 665 I
     When we do lengthening of nose , rib cartilage is recommended because  if you use other material it may come out throug..
    No.369 I 2011-06-20 I 784 I
     In few person nostril either too wide or it is notched so that nostril looks very prominent in nose profile. If th..
    No.368 I 2011-06-19 I 725 I
    This is an example of contracted nose corrected by using rib cartilage which is established procedure. But in about 3% &..
    No.367 I 2011-05-25 I 609 I
    There is excessive nostril show in this patient. This can be due to several reasons. The nose may be short or the nostrils are lar..
    No.366 I 2011-02-18 I 572 I
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