• [ Contracted Nose ]
    This is a case of correcting contracted nose using rib cartilage.After 2 months of surgery.
  • [ Augmenting Nostrils Exposed Nose ]
    This is a case of augmenting a nose with nostrils exposed.After a month of surgery.
  • [ Contracted Nose ]
    This is a case of correcting contracted nose.After a year and 5 months after the first surgery.
  • [ Alar Reduction ]
    This is a case of Alar Reduction.A year after the surgery.
  • [ Contracted Nose ]
    This is a case of contracted nose operation using rib cartilage.After 4 months of surgery. 
  • [ Nose Tip Augmentation ]
    This is a case of nose tip augmentation.After 3 months of surgery. 
  • [ Increasing the Short Nose Surgery ]
    The short nose make you looks more younger,but when it comes way too short your nostril will be apparent and i..
  • [ Correction of Nostril ]
    Built nose are accompanied by the asymmetry of the nostrils,In this case, the skin incision is often requiredA..
  • [ Calibration of the Depressed Nose Pillar caused by Build Nose ]
    Surgery with a rib cartilage1 year 6 months has elapsed.Depression severe and caused lack of texture This..
  • [ Nose-Built ]
  • [ Asymmetry Nostril ]
  • [ The nose has changed to hawker nose caused by inflammation. ]
    Costochondral was used and at the same time the silicon have been removed. Costochondral immediately..
  • [ Prediction Reconstruction Surgery ]
    Reconstruction Surgery will be applied3 Rounds of hard surgery will be done. 
  • [ Extremely Contracted Nose ]
    Extremely Contracted NoseBefore and After
  • [ Severly Nose Built ]
    After 3 months surgery and will have another surgery.
  • [ Patient From China have done Building Nose ]
    Just finished the surgery
  • [ Severly Nose Built ]
    Please watch the surgical result.
  • [ Reconstructive surgery needed from China ]
    This person came from China after had a cancer operation and want us to do a nose reconstructive surgery...
  • [ Filler Necrosis ]
    Filler Necrotic Appearance
  • [ Side Effet of Filler ]
    2 weeks after an injection of a filler in the case of skin necrosis. We visited China in October to do re..
  • [ Side Effect of Filler ]
    Examples of the filler's side effects
  • [ Necrosis after the filler injection ]
    After filler injection, the patient surffers the necrosis and deformity.
  • [ Filler side effects ]
  • [ Filler side effects ]