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    Replaced silicone with self cartilage and gore tex and Pre maxillary was undergone at the same time. The form is not quite perfect..
    No.71 I 2001-10-04 I 55 I
    Rib cartilage was used to replace the hard contorted nasal tip and to lessen the inflammatory of the nose. The skin has extended a..
    No.70 I 2001-09-30 I 60 I
    The swelling has not lessened. If the swelling gets better the form will look better. It will look more natural a slight width of ..
    No.69 I 2001-09-28 I 64 I
    There still needs time for shaping the form of the nose. The revised lip surgery will probably be performed at the same time. T..
    No.68 I 2001-09-26 I 84 I
    This person inserted silicone and unfortunately made the nasal tip to drop like the beak of a parrot. This is a revised surgery.
    No.67 I 2001-09-24 I 64 I
    This person had the surgery on August. The precedent 구순열 rhinoplasty is a very difficult surgery but I will do my best to make a s..
    No.66 I 2001-09-21 I 63 I
    This is a severely short and flat nose. In this case it is best to use rib cartilage.
    No.65 I 2001-09-21 I 64 I
    This is the result of this person. I have got the shape but the skin does not stick well. But I stick it anyways.
    No.64 I 2001-09-21 I 59 I
    OP results
    No.63 I 2001-09-20 I 66 I
    There were 9 patients altogether who underwent the surgery. I have put up all 9 patients pictures. See the results and please ev..
    No.62 I 2001-09-14 I 58 I
    Rib cartilage was used to augment the nose. The skin has already become stiff so it is quite difficult to handle it. This person..
    No.61 I 2001-09-14 I 79 I
    This person has a severely crooked nose. I feel that we are the only clinic in our country that can perform this surgery. This kin..
    No.60 I 2001-09-14 I 63 I
    This person's nose had a badly damaged tip and altered color of the nasal tip as well due to many times of silicone revision surge..
    No.59 I 2001-09-10 I 64 I
    This person was born with deformed nose. This kind of surgery needs a lot of experience. ObviouslyI have revised the nose and I ha..
    No.58 I 2001-09-08 I 84 I
    This is the first person that underwent a surgery. Rib cartilage was used for the nose and pre-maxillary was performed at the same..
    No.57 I 2001-08-31 I 67 I
    Most of the pictures on the virtual prediction site are pictures of patients who are still swelling. This person took this picture..
    No.56 I 2001-08-29 I 61 I
    Tomorrow is the revised surgery. This is the case where the tip was too lifted with using silicone. The skin cannot endure itself ..
    No.55 I 2001-08-27 I 80 I
    This is the case when I underwent all the surgery at one time. The nasal tip surgery revision of crooked nose and 비중격천공에 의한 비혹의 제..
    No.54 I 2001-08-22 I 70 I
    This is the case when I underwent all the surgery at one time. The nasal tip surgery revision of crooked nose and 비중격천공에 의한 비혹의 제..
    No.53 I 2001-08-22 I 65 I
    If the nasal septum disappears there will be no structure that can support the nose so then the augmenting of the nose will not be..
    No.52 I 2001-08-21 I 73 I
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