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    This is a very unique form. It has a crooked nose with triangular nostrils with a flat low nasal tip. Will the results turn out go..
    No.11 I 2001-07-09 I 94 I
    I am also one of those who suffered through contractured nose. But why don't plastic surgeons inform them earlier about these kind..
    No.10 I 2001-07-04 I 113 I
    There are so many who suffer through side effects caused from silicone. Especially from getting a contracted nose. If nose contra..
    No.9 I 2001-06-29 I 110 I
    This is just a part of the letter the patient has wrote to me. I'll be putting up the picture soon. Not everyone allows us to put ..
    No.8 I 2001-06-29 I 109 I
    In most case of the prominent jaw opertion a doctor pulls the maxilla and set back the mandible. Then happen the flat nose when pu..
    No.7 I 2001-06-29 I 109 I
    Well this person had undergone empyema nasal curvature and nasal inflammation surgery at the same time. All three surgeries were v..
    No.6 I 2001-06-25 I 103 I
    This is an example of a low crooked nose accompanied by empyema. We are planning to augment the nose and fix the crooked nose with..
    No.5 I 2001-06-19 I 99 I
    This is a arrowed nose together with a big humped tip
    No.4 I 2001-06-18 I 97 I
    This is the picture after the surgery. Although it may not be a perfect shape there are no problem in breathing. You will see th..
    No.3 I 2001-06-15 I 100 I
    External nasal valve is the problem. It is accompanied by severe nose obstruction. This is one of the hardest in revision surgerie..
    No.2 I 2001-06-12 I 106 I
    I have put up a picture of whom will get a surgery soon and planning to show you how different he or she will look after the surge..
    No.1 I 2001-04-23 I 98 I
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