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    It's a case of general contraction with partial contraction (arrow). 전체적인 구축과 부분적인 구축(화살표)가 같이 온 경우입니다.
    No.58 I 2004-07-25 I 106 I
    It's case that you can tell he had an operation. The silicone was inserted too much like a stick. If a bow-like curve is given fro..
    No.57 I 2004-06-29 I 115 I
    This is an case where the silicone is visible.
    No.56 I 2004-06-04 I 147 I
    It's a picture of a silicone about to come out.The right one is from the columella and the left is from the nostril. If it comes o..
    No.55 I 2004-05-16 I 118 I
    It's an example of a silicone contraction. The infection continued but treatment was delayed which resulted in such contraction. ..
    No.54 I 2004-04-22 I 108 I
    The silicone is about to come out. It's very dangerous if the silicone comes out right through the skin. The silicone needs to be ..
    No.53 I 2004-03-27 I 106 I
    It's an example of contraction after the insertion of silicone.
    No.52 I 2004-02-15 I 106 I
    Not only the nose gets shorter after the contraction due to silicone but it can get warped and decrease in size as a whole. 실리콘의 ..
    No.51 I 2004-01-31 I 114 I
    It's an example of a contracted nose after a surgery using silicone.
    No.50 I 2003-11-27 I 120 I
    Gradually the silicone calcifies. In 10 years half of it begins to calcify; in 20 years 100%. 실리콘은 시간이 지나면서 속회화가 진행합니다. 대개 10년이면..
    No.49 I 2003-11-13 I 129 I
    In our clinic we treat many contracted noses since a lot of patients with side-effects come for assistance. Contraction is a kind ..
    No.48 I 2003-11-01 I 125 I
    If the silicone is too long the capsule sticks to the skin and gradually gets transparent-like and "shiny" which can even make the..
    No.47 I 2003-10-14 I 112 I
    An example of a contracted nose. She had two operations using silicone before me.
    No.46 I 2003-08-23 I 100 I
    She had nose job using silicone.
    No.45 I 2003-07-29 I 111 I
    These are several different kinds of side effects caused by silicone. The first is where it is severely swollen. The second is whe..
    No.44 I 2002-06-30 I 101 I
    This is one of the example of partly contractured nose after insertion of silicone.
    No.43 I 2002-06-04 I 109 I
    After about 2 months the silicone had protruded out of the nose through the skin. It was an urgent surgery. The two pictures were ..
    No.42 I 2002-05-27 I 107 I
    I took the silicone out. It has been 20 years and you can see that the skin is not normal and clear like others.
    No.41 I 2002-05-02 I 110 I
    This person had suffered from filling water after use of silicone. This mostly occurs to those who underwent a forehead surgery us..
    No.40 I 2002-01-21 I 96 I
    I will show you another example of contractured nose.
    No.39 I 2002-01-16 I 110 I
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