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    Contracture of nose after insertion of silicone
    No.18 I 2001-07-30 I 123 I
    The silicone contracture happens to appear when repetition of inflammation or in state of rejection.The skin hardens and the nose ..
    No.17 I 2001-07-30 I 106 I
    protrusion of silicone
    No.16 I 2001-07-30 I 107 I
    This is when silicone protruded out from the skin.
    No.15 I 2001-07-30 I 113 I
    Silicone extrication
    No.14 I 2001-07-30 I 104 I
    실리콘을 코끝까지 삽입시 코끝은 해부학적 특성으로 오똑 서지 않습니다. 처음에 연골이나 진피 한조각 넣어주어도 시간이 흐르면서 쳐집니다.If you insert silicone all the way down to the nasal t..
    No.13 I 2001-07-30 I 111 I
    The majority changes in color is white or red. It is most severe when inserting the silicone to the skin part.
    No.12 I 2001-07-30 I 114 I
    시간이 흐르면서 가장 많이 나타나는 부작용이 수술한 티 입니다. 실리콘의 선이 보이는 것입니다.The worst side effect you can get as the time go by is the obvious look of ha..
    No.11 I 2001-07-30 I 104 I
    If you just leave this as it is then the silicone will pierce through the skin and cause a mishap.
    No.10 I 2001-07-30 I 119 I
    Quick removal of silicone is necessary when an inflammation is caused by silicone insertion.
    No.9 I 2001-07-30 I 111 I
    This example is due to unskillfulness.
    No.8 I 2001-07-30 I 117 I
    한례 더
    No.7 I 2001-07-30 I 131 I
    No.6 I 2001-07-30 I 120 I
    This is one of the many side effects.
    No.5 I 2001-07-30 I 108 I
    There are slight differences in almost all the examples. After the silicone surgery as the time goes by it will become easier to t..
    No.4 I 2001-07-30 I 115 I
    question Title : Crooked and lustrous question Content When time goes by, you'll see the lustrous nasal ridge. This is the pheno..
    No.3 I 2001-08-14 I 103 I
    When time goes by, you'll see the lustrous nasal ridge. This is the phenomenon due to glassy silicone. This is the picture taken 5..
    No.2 I 2001-07-29 I 116 I
    This person had undergone revised surgery 21years after the first surgery with silicone. The pointed arrow is directing to the cl..
    No.1 I 2001-07-25 I 117 I
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