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How to do after surgery

페이지 정보


Date.2014-12-23 15:43:21




How to do after surgery

1.) Gauze Use

From the Surgery's day till the next day you must stand the gauze below the nose
If the blood gets a lot you can replace with the new one.

# Gauze Replacement

Give twice in one direction after folding a square shape,
Please attach a flesh colored tape attached from the bottom of the nose.

1. Spread the gauze into a square shape
2. Fold up to half
3. Fold up to half again

4. Use Flesh Colored Tape to stick them

# Ice Pack

The Ice Pack will be so cool if you directy apply it, so its recommended to place the Steam Gauze 

2.) How to do after surgery

 #1  After remove the stitches you can wash your face and do make-up normally
(but don't put any BB cream or foundation where you just remove the stitches)

 #2  Ointment

Yellow Ointment (Antibiotic)
Ointment that should be applied Before Peeling the Stitches
Twice a day in the morning, evening apply it around the Stitches and along the stitches by using cotton bud

White Ointment
After removing the stitches and apply it after washing face
Twice a day in the morning, evening apply it thinly in the spot which had stitched before by using cotton bud

*As it mentioned in the picture above 
the Ointment should be applied with small amount in the cotton bud and apply it lightly*

 #3  How to massage

*Massage progress should be done from the next day after the removal of the splint and stitches.
After you have straight hair in front of a fixed mirror, use second or third finger to massage your nose.
Push the nose from the outside to inside, sustained pressure for 20 seconds.
Take a Rest for 3 Seconds and move to the lower part and do the massage again for 20 seconds.

* Do this Process approximately 5 till 10 minutes repeatedly / Morning, Noon, Evening 3 times Massage. *

 #4  Aqua Splint (After Stitches Removal)
You need to wear your Aqua Splint during sleep time. 

- Aqua Splint Using Method -

1. Apply the Flesh Colored Tape 


2. Preparing warm water (80 - 90 °c) and then put the splint into the water
*be aware of the water degrees, 80 - 90 °c is the best unless the splint can be melt*

3. After putting the splint into warm water 3-5 seconds, the splint will become transparent.
Then use fork or chopsticks to bring it out and put onto a gauze right away
*be aware, don't leave the splint into the water too long, unless it will melt*


4. After bring it out from the water, put it on your nose where you have put a colored tape on.
(if it's not in the right position then do it again)

5. Next day morning, remove it from the side slowly (as below picture)

*You don't have to massage your nose when you have the splint on*
*the aqua splint can be re-use*

 #4  Time
- White Ointment, Massage, Aqua Splint -
Do these 3 steps for 2 weeks


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